This route, which is approximately 5.94 km (3.7 miles) long, takes us from the roundabout at the entrance to A Magdalena Beach to Río Castro Beach, past the beach of Chamoso, As Modias, Travesía del Río, Areal Park and A Magdalena Promenade, before returning to our starting point.

This relatively short and easy route is suitable for walkers of practically all abilities. Comfortable footwear and the necessary caution (we must remember that this route includes several clifftop sections) will ensure a truly pleasurable walking experience.

Only certain sections of the route are suitable for cyclists.

Duration:                      2 hours 05’

Uphill incline:                300 metres (984 feet)

Downhill incline:            300 metres (984 feet)

Horizontal distance:       5.9 km (3.67 miles)

Route type:                   Circular

Severity of terrain:        2

Route orientation:          1

Difficulty rating:            1

Degree of effort required: 2

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