This route, which is approximately 7.9 km long, is circular, which means we can choose the most convenient starting point. The best place to leave our vehicle is the car park located behind the Parish Church of San Martiño do Porto and so we will take this as our starting point.

The name of this route – the Water Trail – is due to the fact that practically half of it (3.4 km or 2.1 miles) runs along the banks of the River Castro. Furthermore, the sea is visible from the highest points along the route. However, it could also be called ‘the mill trail’ as in the borough of Cabanas alone there are no fewer than 34 listed mills lining the River Castro, although unfortunately a number of them are in ruins.

Duration:                      2 hours 15 min

Uphill incline:                265 metres (869 feet)

Downhill incline:            265 metres (869 feet)

Horizontal distance:       7.9 km (4.9 miles)

Route type:                   Circular

Severity of terrain:        1

Route orientation:          2

Difficulty rating:            2

Degree of effort required: 2

Cabanas Turismo