This circular route, which is approximately 15.4 km (9.35 miles) long, starts and finishes in the same place.

Signposted as PRG-45 (PRG are the initials in Spanish for a short route in Galicia), this is an officially authorised route, as indicated by the white and yellow bands that can be seen along the entire way painted on trees, lampposts, walls, ground etc. However, care must be taken, as the route runs along the clifftops and it is therefore necessary to exercise the necessary caution.

Duration:                      4 hours 35

Uphill incline:                342 metres (1,122 feet)

Downhill incline:            342 metres (1,122 feet)

Horizontal distance:       15.04 km (9.35 miles)

Route type:                   Circular

Severity of terrain:        2

Route orientation:          2

Difficulty rating:            2

Degree of effort required: 3

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