Cruceiro de Santa Cruz do Salto

Stone-cross of Salto

Parish: Salto

Place: Adro

Position: 43º 26’ 40.7’’ N / 008º 08’ 22.8’’ W

IGN Sheet: 22

Cruceiro of Santa Cruz El Salto, located near the parish church, is made of cement and consists of a square platform on which stands a cubic pedestal. The shaft, in octagonal shape is square at the ends. Capital is composed of two abacus and a horse holding a Latin cross without figures.

Cruceiro de San Andrés de Cabanas

Stone-cross of San Andrés

Style: Barroquizante style Crucifix

Parish: Cabanas

Place: Adro

Position: 43º 25’ 06.6’’ N / 008º 09’ 40.8’’ W

IGN Sheet: 22

Located in the atrium of the parish church. The platform consists of a square of granite step. Rests on a pedestal in a slightly truncated cone. Shaft of octagonal shape, square at the ends. Upon the capital, also truncated, rests the concrete cross. On one side there is a crucifix Barroque style, carved by stonemasons Pontevedra..


Cruceiro de Lavandeira

Stone-cross of Lavandeira

Parish: Soaserra (+Santa Eulalia)

Place: Lavandeira

Position: 43º 26’ 13.8’’ N / 008º 06’ 38.4’’ W

IGN Sheet: 22

The Cruceiro Lavandeira, built in granite, and concrete, has a rectangular platform with one step on a pedestal that rises cuboid, the shaft is octagonal in shape and becomes square at the ends. The capital is a square moulding and two bulls separated by an architecturial moulding. The cross, made of cement, is after the rest of the set.

Cruceiro do Areal

Stone-cross of the Areal

Parish: Cabanas

Place: Areal

Position: 43º 14’ 58,78” N / 8º 5’ 56,04” W

IGN Sheet: 22

The Cruceiro of the Arenal, built of granite, is octagonal with two steps. Upon these rests a hexagonal pedestal. A square based, consisting of two bulls and an architecturial moulding, holds an octagonal shaft that turns square at the ends. In the front of the shaft has a flower with four points as decoration. The capital is formed by a horse and an abacus and supports the cross, which are represented on one side, Christ crucified with three nails and head slightly tilted to the right, on the other, an image of the Virgin with hands placed to pray and head cocked to the right. In each of the ends of the cross you can see an eight-pointed flower.

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