Granary of Salto

Parish: Eirís

Place: Salto

IGN Sheet: 22

The “hórreo (granary)” of the place of Salto de Arriba is a granary with “celeiro (closed base)”ashlar closed, there are over a “tornarratos (ledge to prevent the entry of mices)” of stone and body of “balagustro (wooden frames)” and granite columns, with “basa (bottom of the column)” and capitals. The wing is made of wood and has three trim, above the hipped roof made of curved tiles.

Granary of Pereiro de Arriba

Parish: Laraxe

Place: Pereiro de Arriba

IGN Sheet: 22

The “hórreo (granary)” of the place of Pereiro de Arriba is over a “celeiro (closed base)” of ashlar slate, is open and whitewashed. It has a “tornarratos (ledge to prevent the entry of mices)” with body of granite and wood, divided into three clear. The columns ending in capitals supporting a flat roof hipped slate. In the short sides is a double door horizontal.

Granary of Fraián

Parish: Porto

Place: Pazo de Fraián

IGN Sheet: 22

In the Pazo of Fraián located in the “era (area of land clean and firm, sometimes paved, where the corn threshed)” is the “hórreo (granary)” of five strains ashlar whitewashed with their corresponding “tornarratos (ledge to prevent the entry of mices)” slate, over a wooden body with four clear. The door is situated in one of the long sides. The gabled roof is a flat tile with “imbrices (a type of curved tile used to protect the roof from the rain)” tile curve. The vertices topped with two narrow ” bicos” and slightly overhanging.

Granary of Os Xicos

Parish: Regüela

Place: Os Xicos

IGN Sheet: 22

In the place of Os Xicos is located a “hórreo (granary)” made of concrete and wood deck features four private waters, four strains endure both ends of the body and four “pes (column type)” do it in the middle.

Granary of Os Bouces

Parish: Salto

Place: Os Bouces

IGN Sheet: 22

The Os Bouces “hórreo (granary)” is placed on an open “celeiro (closed base)” made of ashlar slate, has a run of stone ” tornarratos (ledge to prevent the entry of mices)” enduring a body with columns of granite quarry and ” balagustros (wooden frames)”. The body is two-faced and topped by a slate roof hipped, with linked in tile. As the auction has a few slightly curved horns.

Granary of Xavariz

Parish: Soaserra

Place: Xavariz

IGN Sheet: 22

Located at the site of Xavariz, on the south facade is the inscription “1872” that can give us an idea about dating. On the brackets at the ends, there is a sundial on the roof looking south, also on that side door is framed by a lowered arch which is accessed by climbing a staircase of stone.

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